Return Policy

Meyer Aluminium Blanks, Inc. is committed to customer satisfaction. To this end, any Meyer product (“Products”) which does not meet Customer’s stated requirements can be returned for full credit within six (6) months of the invoice date.

1. Customer should immediately contact their customer service representative upon discovery of defective Products. Customer will be asked to provide the Meyer tag number of the defective skid, the rejected quantity, and the date that the Products will be available for pickup. Any claim for shortage or for damage incurred in transit of Products must be made within ten (10) days after customer’s receipt of the Products. All other claims, including claims for alleged defective Products, must be made within ten (10) days after customer learns of the facts on which such claim is based, but in no event later than sixty (60) days after customer’s receipt of the Products. All claims not made in writing and received by Meyer within the time periods specified above shall be deemed waived. No claim for defective Products will be allowed, or returned Products accepted by Meyer, if the Products have been treated or processed in any manner, except upon proof satisfactory to Meyer of the existence of a latent defect not ascertainable before treating or processing and then only if such proof is submitted within ten (10) days after such defect becomes apparent.

2. The net weight of the returned quantity should be greater than or equal to 5 percent of the net weight of the original shipped quantity.

3. All sheet orders must meet or exceed .250″ in total minimum thickness in order to be covered under Meyer’s claim policy.

4. For corrective action purposes, Customer must provide a sample showing the effects of the defect, as well as at least one unformed sample for mechanical testing purposes.
5. Customer will be expected to properly repackage the goods to avoid damage during the return shipment. If material is damaged during the return shipment because of improper packaging, Customer will be credited only for the scrap value of the material.

6. Customer service/sales representative will contact Customer’s shipping representative to arrange for pickup of the rejected material on the date requested by Customer. Meyer will pay for the return freight expenses.

7. Upon receipt of the rejected material, Meyer will weigh and inspect the material. Customer will be credited, at the original invoice price, for the actual returned quantity.

8. If Meyer determines through testing that the returned material meets all related specifications as stated on Customer’s purchase order, the return will not be accepted, and no credit shall be issued. The customer will reimburse Meyer for all expenses incurred.

9. Standard open stock, non-defective items ordered in error or no longer needed due to unforeseen changes in customer usage may be returned within 6 months of purchase. Shipping will be paid by Customer and the items must arrive at Meyer undamaged. A 10 percent restocking fee will be deducted from the credit. Drop, surplus, contract, VMI, Mill Direct and processed items cannot be returned.

10. Customer will only be credited for the cost of material sold. Meyer rejects any claims for lost production time, freight, late shipments, lost business, etc.

11. Meyer reserves the right to discontinue business with Customer for repeated claims over a product.

12. Meyer takes pride in prompt resolutions to claims and will endeavor to issue the credit within one week of the receipt of the returned material.

13. Meyer’s liability for any and all losses or damages to Customer resulting from defective Products or services performed or from any other cause shall be limited in all cases to the repair or replacement of Products, at Meyer’s option, up to a maximum amount equal to the amount received by Meyer from Customer for the Products or services provided. Transportation charges for the return of Products shall be paid by Meyer only if such return is requested by Customer and Meyer agrees, in writing, to said return.

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