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We are North America's leading metal distribution and processing center in providing high quality aluminum circles, sheets, coils, shapes and aluminum blanks.

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Meyer Aluminum Blanks, Inc.

Meyer Aluminium Blanks, Inc. is North America's leading metal distribution and processing center in providing aluminum circles and blanks. Our high-quality aluminum serves the following industries:

  • Theater and industrial lighting equipment
  • Professional cookware
  • Industrial ventilation
  • Wheel rims
  • Freight vans and tank trailers
  • Fuel tanks
  • Pressure vessels
  • Pontoon boats
  • Cryogenic containers

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Our experienced team and Meyer Aluminum Blanks, Inc. can help you with a variety of products and services. Whether you need complex shapes routered with tight tolerances or simple shearing, Meyer will get the job done with precision and speed.

We can offer nearly any shape and size rolled aluminum products. We can even reverse engineer parts according to your drawings.

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"Working with Meyer has always been a pleasure! Corresponding with the same sales representative each time you request a quote/order gives you the opportunity to develop a friendly relationship between supplier and customer. They will work with you through the quoting process, supplying and editing quotes promptly (no matter how many times your requirements change!). They are sensitive to your limitations and work hard to provide payment options that are mutually beneficial. We plan to continue our relationship with Meyer for many years to come!"     -Katie, New York

"[Our company] (a metal spinning manufacturer) has been a long time customer of Meyer Aluminium Blanks.   The professional relationship [we have] developed with Meyer has made our procurement process practically seamless.  Meyer carries a large and varied inventory which helps us secure the right circle size for the many usual and unusual jobs we run.  The aluminum quality Meyer carries is A+.  We have never had a problem with Meyer's product quality which cannot be said for some of our other suppliers.  I highly recommend MAB as a trusted supplier.  Their staff is professional and very easy to work with which makes [our] procurement process so much easier."     -Greg, California

“We have been buying from Meyer Aluminium Blanks since 2004.  Meyer has continued to provide excellent service over the years.  We are a job shop that once in a while has “emergencies” but we could always count on Meyer Aluminium Blanks to help as best as they can.  Thank you Meyer Aluminium Blanks for all your service!"     -Juanita, Florida

"Dealing with the Meyer Team has been a pleasure. Always courteous, prompt and providing support above and beyond what is expected."     -Michael, Pennsylvania

"Meyer’s quality policy states that “we will strive for excellence in understanding and meeting customer requirements and exceeding their expectations”. They (Meyer) have certainly done that and I will be using them for all my Aluminum needs."     -Bill, Illinois